Chocolate Chip Scones

A few years ago I borrowed Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible from a friend, and I quickly came to the conclusion that although I valued our friendship, I would not be returning the cookbook.

The original recipe for “Flaky Scones,” one of the book’s standouts, calls for currants. I didn’t have currants or other dried fruit handy the first time I made them, so I decided to substitute with what I did have in the pantry: several bars of quality chocolate. From the oven, the scones emerged golden on top and moist underneath, oozing with chocolate between flaky, buttery layers. They were, most certainly, no ordinary scones, and my husband and I ate that first batch within 24 hours.

The genius of the recipe lies in the technique – folding and rolling the dough – which is responsible for creating all of those delicious layers.

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