Savory Monkey Bread With Dill Butter

Savory Monkey Bread With Dill Butter

Warning: this savory monkey bread is strangely addictive. I’ve had several friends confide that they thought about the bread for days after eating it. Perhaps I inadvertently put a spell on them? More on that in a minute.

Another friend, when I suggested he and his fiancé drop by for a visit, said “Will you make those squishy bread things?” Deliciously squishy, yes they are. Also buttery, slightly salty, and if you like dill, well, this is the bread for you. Two generous tablespoons of dill are incorporated into the dough, and the individual bread pieces are rolled in a dill-infused butter prior to baking.


I suppose you could substitute another herb, but dill really deserves to be the star here. Plus, as I’ve recently learned, it has magical powers. The ancient Romans and Greeks used it as a medicinal herb, believing it could stop hiccups, cure insomnia, ease indigestion, alleviate colic, and even reduce stress. Many herbalists trace the word “dill” back to the Norse word “dilla,” which means “to lull.” During the Middle Ages, dill was widely used in potions, for casting spells and as an antidote to witchcraft. Need protection against hexes? Wear a small bag of dried dill over your heart.

Hey, this is useful information with Halloween approaching!

The spell recipe comes from Chef Chris Pandel, who serves the popular monkey bread at his Bucktown restaurant, The Bristol, in Chicago. I am grateful for an old college cohort who lives in Bucktown and was thoughtful enough to send me the recipe after enjoying The Bristol’s monkey bread many, many times.

Savory Monkey Bread With Dill Butter

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